Welk (engl. Wilt)

WILT (original title: “Welk”) is a mystery short film that won 19 awards worldwide.

It’s about this retired couple Winfried and Lydia. The day begins like any other. Lydia is annoyed with her husband and Winfried takes refuge in nature. While he collects flowers Winfried finds a lone woman unconscious in the woods. He brings her home to Lydia – not knowing that she is everything but human.


Cast: Rudolf Waldemar Brem (R.I.P.), Léonie Thelen, Maria Pletz
Production: Mathias Brod
Director: Daniel Vogelmann
Script: Daniel Vogelmann, Mathias Brod, Lukas Becker
DoP: Kaspar Kaven
Editor: Mario Hirasaka
Sound Design and Mix: David Wasielewski
Music: Jakob Klotz

Copyright VON HERZEN Filmproduktion

If you’d like to watch the whole film, I’ll be happy to send you a password protected link. Or a VHS. Or I’ll come over and act it out for you. Just drop me line.