Hi, I’m Daniel.
Check out my work as a director and writer.

Hard Way – The Action Musical

Enter a world of hard men with hard feelings.
Watch them sing and dance through their enemies.

McDonald’s – Activist (DC)

A lumberjack wants to cut down the tree an activist is sitting on.

Browser Ballett – The Crime of the Century

No Kohlrabi shall be eaten.

PAYBACK – Schnitzel

Monika loves PAYBACK. Like, a lot. Spot for PAYBACK’s 20th birthday campaign!

Saturn – Moritz needs a new sander (DC)

Moritz is in need of a new sander. Saturn has one. And some more cool stuff Moritz never asked for.

McDonald’s – Plastic

How to reduce plastic waste. Not.

C.O.W. 牛 – Cringe Lords

Life is tough for the three Queens of the Internet.

MediaMarkt – Semih needs more Speed (DC)

Sometimes Semih feels slow. And MediaMarkt knows just what he needs: Faster hardware.

McDonald’s – Big Mac Index

Selling the Big Mac for only one Euro everyday would end our world.
But for one day it’s just fine.

Hard Way – The Pitchvideo

With this musical number we begged the www
to give us some cash for our film HARD WAY – The Action Musical.

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