Welcome to my portfolio! Here you can find some of my work as a director and writer of films, music videos and commercials.

McDonald’s – Big Mac Index

Selling the Big Mac for only one Euro everyday would end our world.
But for one day it’s fine.

Hard Way – The Action Musical

HARD WAY combines Action and Musical
in a crazy and hilarious story of hard men with hard feelings.

The Exploding Voids – As It Comes

A music video I directed for my band „The Exploding Voids“.
We shot it in Munich’s famous club, The Atomic Cafe, which was always my favorite club.

About Dashi

Munich based chef Tohru Nakamura is famous for a special ingredient he loves working with: Dashi.
Tohru and his team in the restaurant Geisels Werneckhof got their second Michelin star in 2017.

Hard Way – The Pitchvideo

With this short musical number we begged the crowd in the www
to give us some cash for our short film „HARD WAY – The Action Musical.

The Exploding Voids – Boy Meets Girl

This is a music video to a very personal song that tells the story of how I met my wife. It’s all true.
We shot this video on a road trip from Texas to California, lots of it while cruising the Highway One.


A mystery short film that won 19 awards worldwide. It’s about a retired couple that finds a girl in the woods.
A girl that is not quite human.


„Dubois“ is the first short I did at film school. Back then we had to shoot on 16mm, b/w.  It’s a short mockumentary about a motivational trainer that terrorizes his clients with rhythm instruments made of his favorite wood.

more is on its way…