Welcome to my portfolio! Here you can find some of my work as a director and writer of films, music videos and commercials.

Short Film: Hard Way – The Action Musical

HARD WAY combines Action and Musical
in a crazy and hilarious story of hard men with hard feelings.

Music Video: The Exploding Voids – As It Comes

A music video I directed for my band „The Exploding Voids“.
We shot it in Munich’s famous club, The Atomic Cafe, which was always my favorite club.

Portrait: About Dashi

Munich based chef Tohru Nakamura is famous for a special ingredient he loves working with: Dashi.
Tohru and his team in the restaurant Geisels Werneckhof got their second Michelin star in 2017.

 Crowdfunding Pitch Video: Hard Way – The Action Musical

With this short musical number we begged the crowd in the www
to give us some cash for our short film „HARD WAY – The Action Musical.

Music Video: The Exploding Voids – Boy Meets Girl

This is a music video to a very personal song that tells the story of how I met my wife. It’s all true.
We shot this video on a road trip from Texas to California, lots of it while cruising the Highway One.

Short Film: Wilt

A mystery short film that won 19 awards worldwide. It’s about a retired couple that finds a girl in the woods.
A girl that is not quite human.

Short Film: Dubois

„Dubois“ is the first short I did at film school. Back then we had to shoot on 16mm, b/w.  It’s a short mockumentary about a motivational trainer that terrorizes his clients with rhythm instruments made of his favorite wood.

more is on its way…